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Project Description
Yet another Slide Show, using Silverlight..! Hummm..!!!

Browse and play slide show to your favorite Public Picasa Web Album. Use full screen to see hi-resolution pictures.

Highly scalable PRI Slide-Show is written in MS Silverlight 2.0 using 100% C#, LINQ to XML (no HTML or Java Script). Currently supports Google Picasa feed and planning to add Yahoo Flickr and Locally Hosted interface.

Silverlight SlideShow is optimized for performance by loading only images (asynchronously) what you are seeing.

It does uses simple proxy to get RSS feed results to overcome Cross-domain URL Restrictions. Please refer following article.

Following is a sample proxy request.

Experience and Download fully functional source code including sample TestWeb project from

Minimum requirements

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
  • Silverlight 2.0


Hope you will enjoy PRI_SliverlightSS.

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